Our Agri Mechanization solutions provide a whole range of equipments and technologies that increases productivity and profitability.

Farm Equipment

Mechanization of agriculture is imperative to improve productivity and to transform agriculture from sustenance farming to agri-business.  Mechanization not only reduces the time taken and cost of laborious field operations, it also improves the quality of initial land preparation, planting, intercultural operations, harvesting and processing.

Hence we provide the entire range of land preparation, intercultural operations, harvesting and processing equipments.

We have partnered with the world’s leading farm equipment manufacturers to provide our clients with the most advanced tractors, ploughs, tipping trailer, seed/fertilizer drills, sprayers, transport vehicles and harvesters.

We also provide processing equipments for small farmers which include grinding mills, alternators, diesel engines, and equipment for processing and dehydration.

We are a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all the farm mechanization needs. Our network of branches and technology partners provide unparalleled after sale service and spare parts support, which makes our solutions the best of its kind in Nigeria.