Irrigation Solutions

We recognize that water is the most critical input in agricultural production. Our solutions are aimed at utilizing the water resources judiciously to maximize output per drop. We consider water as an ‘Economic Good’ and strive to offer technological solutions that use the potential of irrigated agriculture to increase agricultural productivity.

Judicious and sustainable use of water in agriculture requires efficient utilization of available water resources, prevention of wastage, cost effective and durable water delivery mechanisms, and adequate extension and training services to farmers.

Our approach is to customize the most modern irrigation technology to suit the local conditions, make it affordable, durable, build competencies at the local level to sustain the benefits through training and extension services. Our solutions serves all types of customers including large plantations, medium and small farm owners and community based irrigation projects. We cater to an exhaustive array of crops and agro climatic conditions and deliver a comprehensive customized irrigation solutions to our customers.