Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation or trickle irrigation is a targeted application of the optimum quantity of water in the root zone of the plant through a scientifically designed network of pipes and emitters. Drip Irrigation is complemented by application of water soluble fertilizers through irrigation systems known as drip fertigation. Drip Irrigation eliminates chances of water and fertilizer wastage due to leaching, run offs and wetting of non cropped areas.

We offer the entire range of Drip Irrigation solutions to farmers for a wide variety of crops and customize as per the field requirement. 

Drip Irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method that exists. It significantly improves the yield of a range of crops, and reduces water usage by half, so a greater area can be brought under irrigation with less water. Through drip irrigation efficiency of fertilizer use increases, weed growth in the field reduces and crop stand becomes more uniform.

Simba Pressurized Drip Irrigation Systems

Simba’s pressurized system works especially well for medium to large farms. This is a very energy efficient, cost effective system that delivers the full benefits of micro irrigation technology. We provide a complete set of filtration equipment, fertigation systems, main and submain PVC pipes and fittings, lateral PE pipes with online and inline emitters, valves and accessories. Our range also includes foggers and misters used for temperature and humidity control in green houses.  We provide customized systems for nearly all major crops in Nigeria including vegetables, oil palm, cocoa, rice, wheat, cassava, banana, sugarcane, tree crops etc.

Simba Gravity Based Drip Irrigation  Systems

Drip systems which work on gravitational forces are suitable for small farmers with limited or no access to power. These systems are easy to install and operate and are useful as a survival irrigation tool in rainfed areas or water scarce regions. They are available in pre-designed sizes and are suitable for plots ranging from 30sqm to 2000sqm.  When attached to a solar water pump, the system can be optimally deployed for small farmers without access to grid power.