Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler Irrigation is a method of irrigation which simulates rainfall in the field. Water is pumped through a system of pipes and forced out through spray heads so that water breaks up into small droplets. This is an efficient method of irrigation compared to flood irrigation. It is possible to cover all types of soil and topographies using sprinklers and rain guns of varying discharge capabilities.

Simba Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Our products are of international repute and are especially designed to ensure maximum water saving, uniform water distribution, affordability and ease of installation. Our range includes both metal as well as plastic impact sprinklers. The designs can be of permanent or portable types, with quick connect joints for easy installation. We have a wide range of overhead sprinklers starting from small nozzle sizes with low flow rates to rain guns with large nozzle sizes, high flow rates and a larger range.

Sprinkler irrigation can be used in a variety of applications including crop production, landscaping, golf links and industrial applications. Our products can be used in almost all field irrigated crops in Nigeria such as vegetables, cotton, soya bean, pulses, coffee, and  fodder crops.