Poultry Incubation Systems

Our poultry incubation system consists of setters, hatchers and computerized hatchery management systems suitable to farmers in Nigeria, and enjoy a proven global track record

Simba’s setters are available in four capacities 14112, 15000, 83160 and 90720 chicken eggs. Eggs can be set in less than 5 minutes, every three days.  For 18 days the egg racks are advanced through various stages in the setter, where conditioned fresh air is concentrated to cool the oldest eggs and the heat and CO2 from advanced eggs are used to warm the early embryos. The egg racks are made of hot dipped galvanized steel. The unique humidification system ensures each stage of development receives optimum mix of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide, producing the best quality chicks. Eggs can be transferred from the setter to Hatcher in a few minutes, very easily.   

Hatchers have a unique humidification system, and air intake and exhaust systems with four blade stainless steel fans and copper tube cooling coils to provide the optimum hatching conditions for increased hatchability and chick quality.

The incubation system comes with a computerized hatchery management system with latest electronic components and PT-500 platinum probes that enable control of humidity and temperature to 0.1 Deg.F accuracy. The controller is computer compatible which allows remote access and storage of incubation records.