Poultry Cages & Equipments

Poultry Cages 

We provide automated poultry cages for commercial layer and parent bird farms. The unique designs offer ease of installation and maintenance, a reduced labour requirement and durability. Our design teams from world renowned poultry equipment manufacturers ensure that your investment per bird is at a minimum, while you enjoy maximum returns  on investment.

Poultry farm equipments 

We supply all the equipment required for successfully running a poultry farm. Our range of products includes  Egg Flats, Chick Boxes, Nipple Watering System, Roof Insulation, Feed Bins and Transportation Systems, Manual Drinkers/Feeders, Vaccinators, Medicators, Air Circulation Fans, Evaporative Cooling Pads, High Pressure Foggers/Misters, Gas brooding Systems and so on.