Protected Cultivation

Protected Cultivation of high value crops, especially vegetables and flowers using green house technology is imperative for growth of high value commercial agriculture in the country.  Olericulture and Floriculture aimed at export markets and the niche urban market offers an exciting agri-business opportunity for entrepreneurs , underexplored as on today.  Green house technology customized for local conditions is a pre-requisite for development of this sector.  Green house cultivation allows farmers to control most of the production and climatic parameters there by ensuring year round production, very high productivity and flexibility in the use of inputs.

We offer holistic protected cultivation models which takes into account the soil type, topography, crop, water and agro-climatic parameters.

Our Green Houses are custom built where all the environmental parameters affecting plant growth are kept optimum as per customized requirements. The various parameters controlled  are temperature, humidity, light intensity, photo period, ventilation, soil media, irrigation and fertigation.

Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of sophistication, ranging from simple shade houses to poly houses to fully automated green houses.

Salient Features our Green House Solutions

- Structure : Made  of GI tubular structure, hot dipped galvanized, closed rectangular  structure
- Thermal and Shading Net: 10 to 100% shading , Aluminet thermal net 50%, 60%
- Covering: UV stabilized Polyethylene film with life upto 3 years . Corrugated/Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet with more than 10 years life
- Cooling System: Cross fluted cellulose pad with GI frame and gutter. Exhaust fans available in 3 sizes (36”, 48” & 50”) with Galvanized frames and body.  Air circulation fans with metal body construction in 5 sizes (12”, 18”, 24”, 30” & 36”)
- PAR Lights- Photosynthesis Active Radiation lights used to provide supplementary light  during cloudy and winter conditions
- Ventilation- Option of manual and motorized roll up curtains
- Heating System: with electrical heater and exhaust fan with provision for temperature sensor and controller.
- Movable Benches: Galvanized structure with lock for over turning. Designed for loading 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 800kg and 1000 kg
- Irrigation System: Irrigation options available for soil less culture, Traditional soil culture, potted plants, combination of Drip and Micro sprinklers. Also provides Movable Boom Irrigation System with nozzles as per the customer requirement.
- Climate Control: Computerized Control System which includes Temperature sensors, humidity sensors, light , ventilation, irrigation with overhead and ground foggers, fertilizer application and PAR Lighting, all  controlled through a computer operated system.